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Workforce Education Professional Development

Guidance and professional development for K-12 and college leadership and faculty specific to:

  • Creating and maintaining Program Advisory Boards

  • Post-secondary CTE and Adult Education program alignment to K-12 (WIOA)

  • CTE program design

  • Use of Perkins funds

  • Workforce relationships

  • Internal CTE-related job descriptions and performance impact


Assessment and Planning

  • Comprehensive CTE program review, including data evaluation and documentation of findings

  • Development of CTE/Workforce annual program plans and budgets

  • Provide recommendations for more impactful, fiscally-sound organization structure (grant-funded positions)

  • Assist with funding applications and related research

  • Completion and submission of state-mandated reports and follow-up


501(c)(3) Preparation

Let's work on your non-for-profit organization status. Through collaboration, we can simplify the many layers of this process so that your approval comes sooner than expected. We can then consider developing giving campaigns, researching funding (grant) opportunities, and completing funding applications in support of your organization's fiscal goals.

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