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FOStanleyConsulting provided pro bono services to the Adult Education Program for a grant application.

RESULT: The program was awarded a state-funded grant allocation based on an approved program application and budget.

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Services rendered include:

  • Comprehensive CTE program review, including data evaluation and documentation of findings

  • FY20 and FY21 CTE program and budget planning and implementation

    • Data-informed program and budget recommendations

    • Compilation and submission of programmatic plans and budgets

  • Guidance and professional development for college leadership and faculty specific to

    • Post-secondary CTE alignment to K-12 (including Adult Education)

    • CTE program design

    • Use of Perkins funds

    • Workforce relationships

    • Internal CTE-related job descriptions and performance impact

RESULT: Hired mid-FY19, FOStanleyConsulting helped to increase the College's CTE-Perkins state-awarded allocation by 45.8% (that is, $516,825 in FY19, $651,652 in FY20, to $954,226 in FY21)


Services rendered include:

  • Research for program accreditation and partnerships

  • Development of partnership and accreditation related exhibits

  • Programmatic guidance and recommendations

RESULT: The Veterans Chamber of Commerce San Diego has expanded its programmatic offerings and has deepened its community impact through numerous and relevant partnerships

Inter-Faith Recovery Outreach Ministry.P

Inter-Faith Recovery and Outreach Ministry

Services rendered include (pro bono):

  • Development of the organization's business deck

  • Advisement for 501(c)(3) attainment

  • Creation and review of 501(c)(3) related exhibits

  • Initial research for funding opportunities

RESULT: 501(c)(3) status was attained

Services rendered include:

  • Advisement for application to receive state funding

  • Advisement for 501(c)(3) attainment

  • Budget development and guidance

  • Initial research for funding opportunities

  • Review of organizational structure and board member positions

RESULT: 501(c)(3) status attained; approved to receive state grant funding

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